Be sure the lawyer you choose offers free consultation on the initial visit. Good personal injury lawyers will not charge you for your first conference.

Never hire a lawyer who contacts you following an injury, whether the lawyer makes the contact directly or through a go-between. It is unethical, and a felony in some states for a lawyer to solicit business in this manner. Surely you do not want a felon as a lawyer!

While there are many ways to locate a personal injury lawyer, the best way almost always is to rely on the recommendation of a friend. If someone you know has used a lawyer before and was satisfied with the lawyer’s work, you probably will be satisfied.

Don’t choose a lawyer based only on advertisements. That doesn’t tell you whether the law firm is good – just that they have good marketing.

Try to find a law firm that includes lawyers who emphasize in Personal Injury Trial Law. There are many excellent lawyers who do not practice Personal Injury Trial Law, but experienced personal injury trial lawyers can handle your case more effectively.
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